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Hi, I'm Cory 

We are creatures of habit. Sometimes certain habits or patterns of behavior that once served us well, start to cause stagnation in one or more areas of our life. I work with individuals of all ages by providing a safe objective space to gain awareness, activate strengths, process emotions, and create different patterns of thinking, behaving, and relating to interrupt those patterns and develop skills to make desired changes to achieve their maximum self. I utilize an integrative approach that allows individuals, couples, and/or families to customize their therapeutic process to suit their specific needs. Let’s work together to create new patterns or habits that shift stagnation into advancement. Life is for living and you deserve to live it well.


M.S. in Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Nova Southeastern University

Graduated 2017

Picture of Nova Southeastern University
Picture of the University of Miami emblem.

B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Studio Art/Art History

University of Miami                             

Graduated 2013

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